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A Plus Appointment is an online scheduling, billing and client management system. can be used on the Web sites of companies for booking appointments online, with built in help desk, FAQ, News systems admin can provide support and information to the clients. It includes a user-friendly backend to keep track of clients, appointment staffs / Departments activities. Customers can reserve an appointment with a staff member via the Company's homepage, view the existing appointments and pay for the bill with several payment options.

Admin features:
  • Accounts: View, update, edit, and delete staffs, clients, staffs appointment, clients appointment and staffs schedule or add new account. For each account, view total appointment,total amounts, view details and pay or delete due appointment, view details and mark not paid or delete appointment. send e-mail to the account and view accounts log records.
  • Setups: Change password, change number of records per page, update database, update local time, setup your office holidays, setup currncey, setup payment options, setup staffs / department regular open days and hours schedule.
  • Billing: Lists number of due bills, past due bills, incomes by year / month for current and previous year with the totals for each month of the year and incomes by staff for current and previous year.
  • Log in: Log in with user name and password or retrieve your password.
  • Help Desk: View all open, closed, and resolved support tickets, then reply, reopen, save, or delete any of support tickets. When replying or reopening a ticket, an e-mail with the whole ticket and a link is sent to the client.
  • News, FAQ and TO DO database: Enables admin to add or delete news letters and FAQ in a database to be viewed by clients and sttafs, edit and make slected FAQ as sticky, and add list of things to be done by admin or staffs in TO Do list
  • Pay Pal Payment integration Setup: Allows clients to pay for due bills by Pay Pal. (optional)
  • Authorize net Payment integration Setup (SIM): Allows clients to pay for due bills by Authorize net (optional)
  • Nochex Payment integration setup: Allows clients to pay for due bills by Nochex. (optional)
  • World Pay Payment integration setup: Allows clients to pay for due bills by World Pay. (optional)
  • Pay By Check Payment integration setup: Allows clients to pay for due bills by Pay By Check. (optional)
  • 2checkout Payment integration Setup: Allows clients to pay for due bills by 2checkout. (optional)
  • Custom Payment integration Setup: Allows the user to setup a custom payment Method. (optional).
  • Header and Footer html files: Enables the users to add their own header and footer. (one in each folder)
  • Display Currency: Symbols ($, , , ) in the billing system and currency code (USD, GBP, EUR, JPY) in the e-mails. (Optional).
  • Ability to stop e-mailing, Payment Due and Late Payment Notice to a client. (Optional)
  • Add staffs: Enables admin to add staffs with optional limited access to the system.
  • Spam Filter: enables admin to add spam filter for new support tickets and new accounts, to filter name, user name, subject, e-mail, domain and remote IPs.
  • Log Records: Enables admin to view clients and staffs log records for last x days.
  • 5 Minute Setup: With web base setup script. (See the demo)
  • To view more options and features please to try our live demo.

Client features:
  • Appointments: Will tabulate all appointments in rows. Click on any listed item to display the actual appointment with details.
  • Change password: Allows clients to change their password.
  • Log in: Allows clients to login with their user name and password or retrieve password.
  • Schedule appointment: Allows clients to make new appointment.
  • Profile: Allows clients to view or update their personal file
  • News and FAQ: Allows clients to view news letters and FAQ list.
  • Support System: Allows clients to view their existing support tickets or submit new one.
  • Pay Bills: If payment option is selected and setup by admin, allows clients to pay for bills by selected payment option. Payment must be posted by admin to the client account.
  • Bilingual interface: Enables client to browse myaccount in any two languages. You need to translate language files (optimal).

Systems Requirements:
  • MySql database.
  • PHP 4.1 or higher and gd library
  • Apache web server.
  • Java script enabled browser.
  • Linux or Windows server.

Most of this stuff is installed by default on your average hosting distribution.


  • Admin interface: To view and try online demo Click Here (username: demo, password: demo. some of the features are disabled on demo)
  • Client interface: Clients can use their username (email) and password to access this section. Click Here to create an account and try client interface.
  • Staffs interface: Staffs can log in at: Here
  • Setup Demo: After purchase order and payment confirmation you will receive an e-mail with your registration code and download link.
    1. unzip aplusappointment.zip,
    2. Create a database In MySQL section of your web server control panel, and name appointment or any other name with a username and password.
    3. Edit the config.php file for your database connection parameters, log in information, and preferences.
    4. Create a directory accessible to your web server and copy the APlusAppointment archive there.
    5. Point your browser to: http://www.yourdomainname.com/appointment/setup.php (click to this link to view and run demo setup) Congratulation! You are done.

You will find our price extremely affordable with unlimited free support through our support system and free updates for 1 year from purchase date for Only $59.00.
To purchase license for the latest version of A Plus Appointment by Pay Pal click Here:

Support and Questions
If you may have any question or comments, please click on: http://www.softwareplusweb.com/support and submit a support ticket. We will respond to your questions as quickly as possible. Also, you might try reading through our FAQ and News at our support system.

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